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Land plot in Mykonos – A guide for investors

Posted by Dimitris Papadimas on 18 Ιουλίου, 2020
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LAND PLOT IN MYKONOS – General Information

In order that a land plot in Mykonos can have the right to build, it should first meet one of the following requirements:
• to be part of one of the six (6) settlements (villages) that exist on the island, or
• to belong to a Residential Zone that gives this right
The picture below shows on the map of the island both the settlements and the residential zones, each one of which is highlighted by a different color.

Depending on its position and the zone where it belongs, the plot may have the right to build a residence, a hotel or a commercial property (shop, storage etc).
It is very important for a potential investor to know that according to the current regulations, a big part of the island (located mostly on its north and eastern sides) either doesn’t provide to the plots the full rights to build or prohibits the building of any new construction! These areas are now considered as environmentally sensitive and therefore they are protected from any human activity in order to maintain their authenticity.



These plots are usually serviced by already existing roads while the main supplies (electricity power, telephone/internet and water) can be easily connected into them. Any plot located in a settlement and faces a road, is subject to receive a planning permit for several uses (residential, hotel, commercial).



These plots should meet several criteria in order to be subject to receive a planning permit:
• to be located either in the so called “Green Residential Zone” or to the “Blue” one (see on the picture above).
• to be certified by the Forest Service (which protects the environmentally sensitive areas) as a land subject to build.
• to have a minimum area of 4,000 sq.m. (0.4 ha) in order to build a house or 10,000 sq.m. (1 ha) in order to build a hotel.
• to be accessed by a road, which can be even a non-paved one.

The following properties represent this plot type:

Land plot with a permit to build an apartment complex

Plot for sale with panoramic sea views in Ftelia

Investment plot for sale in Elia

Residential plot with uninterrupted panoramic sea views in Kalafatis

• Investment plot to build several houses in Ftelia



According to a government decision, the issuance of new permits for the building of hotels in all areas being out of settlement boundaries, has been suspended since the end of July 2020.

UPDATE #2 (October 2022):

A new Spatial Plan is currently being drawn up, in order to determine the use of the land across the island. This ambitious development plan shall be implemented from the beginning of 2024. It is possible that it will radically change many regulations that currently apply to the building rules in Mykonos.
The purpose of the plan is for the residential and hotel development to follow
the existing infrastructure of the island and to respect the need to protect the environment.

UPDATE #3 (March 2023):

The Greek government suspended the issuance of all new building permits in areas outside the city plan and outside the settlements on the island of Mykonos. This suspension is expected to not last further than the 31st of December 2023, when the New Spatial Plan is expected to be approved.


All the land plots which are listed for sale on our website are subject to issue a permit to build. However, what we strongly recommend is our clients -before the signing of any agreement- to delegate an engineer (civil and/or architect) who should examine the property’s site plan and define precisely the right to build.

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